Service Levels Agreement

Supported apps

knowmad mood provides free support for its supported apps in the marketplace.

The standard support includes:

  • Help with issues during installation.

  • Help troubleshooting problems.

  • Help identifying work-arounds.

  • Help with sales-related requests.

The standard support excludes:

  • Product training.

  • Product integration.

  • Support for versions of Atlassian products that are no supported by our products.

  • Hotfix patching.

Support chanels

All the request will be attended by the following channels. Other channels are not included in this service level agreement:

Bussiness hours

Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (GMT +1 Madrid).

We strive to respond to every request within one business day except for the weekends and spanish holidays. All the request are queued with bugs and billing question having the highest priorities. In the event of request of same priorities those that have a valid SEN number attached will be attended first.